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New York to Require Disclosure of Ingredients in Household Cleaning Products

The State of New York has announced that it intends to establish a new program requiring manufacturers of domestic and commercial cleaning products to disclose the ingredients and impurities in their products. The program, as described by the Arent Fox law firm, will be administered by the New York Department of Environmental Conservation (NYDEC).

Authority for the program is derived from the state's Environmental Conservation Law and regulations implementing it, which authorize the NYDEC to require the proposed disclosures. Manufacturers of the covered cleaning products will be required to post the required information about their products on their websites. The required disclosures will include a list naming each ingredient, the content by weight of each ingredient, and a summary of the investigations and research performed by the manufacturer concerning the effects of the product itself and its ingredients on human health and the environment. The NYDEC also intends to work with the Interstate Chemicals Clearinghouse to develop and maintain a database of links to the information disclosed on the companies' websites.

The NYDEC launched the new program by issuing a draft Household Cleansing Products Information Disclosure Certification Form and Guidance, which contains detailed instructions for posting the information that the state intends to require. Comments on that draft were accepted through June 14. Manufacturers will be required to commence the required disclosures six months following publication of the final Guidance document.

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Name Date
a draft Household Cleansing Products Information Disclosure Certification Form and Guidance Apr 25, 2017

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